The ENT clinic with the DHZ is certified according to DIN ISO 9001 : 2015.

In this way, we have a further and also objective building block of our quality management. We were tested by TÜV Nord in a so-called audit.

In order to ensure a consistent quality of our medical, technical, pedagogical and linguistic competence, we are active in various and numerous ways.

Weekly once

  • ENT specialists, engineers and educators discuss current clinical concerns, scientific advances and complications.

  • There is an ENT-Grand-Round (medical-certified advanced training) on current specific topics of the neck, nose and throat specialist; The speakers are either external or from the ENT clinic and the German Hearing Center Hannover (DHZ).

Twice a month

  • the entire DHZ team meets to discuss organizational processes and patient care (with CIC). 
  • The DHZ educators and the DHZ engineers meet for professional meetings.


  • The hearing experts of the ENT clinic and the DHZ meet with the respective manufacturers of different hearing systems to discuss current questions, problems and new developments and to design studies for patients.
  • CI database for systematic quality assurance, computerized since 1993, data stock since 1984 with all patients, which are provided in Hannover. (As of 2016: approximately 8,000 patients).
  • All manufacturers of cochlear implants have a seat in the DHZ. As soon as there are questions or problems with the product of a patient, these companies are immediately called in.
  • We work closely with the companies in the development and further development of hearing systems such as new electrodes.
  • Moderation of the update of guidelines for the care of patients with cochlear implants by Prof. Lenarz.