German Hearing Centre Hannover - internationally leading hearing competence

At the German Hearing Center Hannover (DHZ), people with hearing impairments of all kinds receive all-round guidance, care and support – on a life-long basis! The ENT Department at Hannover Medical School and the DHZ are internationally renowned for having the world’s largest cochlear implant (CI) programme, with some 9,000 CI recipients since the first implantation and around 600 new CI patients every year. Not to mention other patients who receive other hearing systems.

All under one roof, the DHZ provides the latest diagnostic methods and therapies, all-round technical guidance and support, and auditory training by education professionals and speech therapists, as well as fitting hearing systems – at the highest international level. Collaboration within a close-knit interdisciplinary team – including ENT specialists, medical engineers, education professionals and speech therapists, hearing-aid audiologists, manufacturers of hearing systems and scientists –culminates in the development of medical devices in direct interaction with patients. From conventional hearing aids to implantable hearing devices (middle-ear implants), from inner-ear implants such as the CI to brain implants, the DHZ offers help for all hearing disorders.